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Horticultural presentations by Master Gardeners of The Ohio State University Extension may be scheduled by contacting Pat Koch through the OSU Extension Office at (216) 429-8200, extension 231. Please call for the topics listed below, or other presentations.

Formats: Digital = PowerPoint presentation; Demos = demonstrations of materials; Slides = slide presentation

Presentation Topics: - presently under construction. Will be supplemented with additional photos and descriptions as information is obtained.

  Titles Format Presentation Description
  All American
Digital This presentation begins with an explanation of the criteria used for this award (given annually for annuals, bedding plants and vegetables). It also includes pictures and descriptions of the most recent winners from the present year back through the last 5 or 6 years.
0 Alliums and
Other Onions
Waterlily Aquatic Container Gardening Digital You may have a water garden on your patio or porch with minimal effort and expense. See the needs for growing waterlilies, lotus and other aquatic plants. (The principles also generally apply for ponds.)
0 The Bearded Iris Digital
Bearded Irises are truly a rainbow of eye pleasing beauty.  Learn about types and parts of bearded irises, their bloom times, and growing and caring for these beautiful flowers.  Handout Provided
1 Butterfly Gardening:  Build It and They Will Come!” Digital This presentation looks at why butterflies matter, why they’re in trouble, and what we can do in our yards to help them.  A successful butterfly garden must include what these marvelous insects need:  both host plants and nectar plants.  It’s no surprise – butterfly gardening is, for the most part, native plant gardening.  We’ll explore several examples of Ohio butterflies and which plants will attract them and help conserve them.
0 Chelsea Flower
Show 2011
Digital Visit the beautiful and flowerful 2011 Chelsea Flower Show in England. This program is 1-1/4 hours long.
0 Chelsea Flower Show 2014 Digital Visit the beautiful and flowerful 2014 Chelsea Flower Show in England.
0 Composting Digital

“Let it Rot” - This presentation will walk you through what goes on in a compost pile, how to build one of your own, and how to use that wonderful black gold in your gardens.  The Master Gardeners will be ready to answer all your questions about composting including where to get the ingredients and what might go wrong!

0 Container
Digital Learn to design with containers. Learn the basic rules of planting containers; ideas on choosing pots, plants (annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables, trees), fertilizing, and daily care. Many examples/pictures of containers to use throughout your yard. LV
0 Container
Demos Container gardening is more popular today than ever! Learn to grow flowers, vegetables, fruits and trees just about anywhere in just about anything that will hold soil. Discuss containers, soil, drainage, watering, fertilizing, transplanting and much more. LC
  Container Vegetable Gardening Digital  
0 Dahlias Digital This presentation covers the kinds of dahlias that people grow, the ways of storing their tubers and starting them in the spring, the process of growing them (eg:preparation of soil, fertilization, watering, etc.), the importance of disbudding and pruning, and some of the ways of having fun with the flowers when they are blooming, usually beginning in early August and continuing through late October. Handouts provided.
0 Fall Planting for
Spring Harvest
Digital A presentation broken down by winter vegetable gardening and fall flower gardening. Planting vegetables in late summer and fall for harvest in late winter and spring--addresses site requirements, suggested plantings and methods. Methods and plant suggestions for perennials, biennials and hardy annuals. Emphasis on vegetables, but also mention of flowers.
  Four Seasons Digital
0 Fragrance in
the Garden
Learn about the sense of smell in the garden, the reasons for fragrance (attraction of pollinators, survival, ...), what parts are fragrant, timing of scent and utilizing scent in the placement of plants in the garden. Demonstrations of scented essential oils allow you to experience the fragrances.
American Evolution Garden History:
Evolution of American
Homes and Landscape
Digital See the evolution of American home construction and landscape design from the settlers era to present. This overview includes many landscape accessories.
World Evolution

Garden History:
Evolution of Western Landscape

Digital Trace the evolution of gardens in the Western World from the beginning to present. This survey contains pictures and paintings of Western gardens over time, including some Eastern influence.
Notable American Garden History:
Notable American
Digital Tour notable American landscapes from the Colonial and early Federal Eras through the Gilded Age. See many of America's great homes and their gardens.
0 Garden History:
Thomas Jefferson -
Landscape Architect
Digital A garden history presentation using the life of Thomas Jefferson to illustrate the horticultural influences which shaped him for producing his landscape architectural and garden projects. Extensive pictures include Colonial Williamsburg, Monticello, Poplar Forest and the University of Virginia. Historic garden restoration and design considerations are included.
0 Going Underground with Bulbs, Rhizomes, Corms and Tubers Digital An overview of how to grow healthy, beautiful bulbs in your garden which shows some familiar favorites as well as some of the more unusual bulbs available, and presents a plan for three-season color in your own garden. For bulbs, corms, tubers and rhizomes, the presentation addresses the history, different kinds, growing requirements and care, and pests and diseases.
  Great Gardens for Your Garden Digital  
  Ground Covers Digital Defines ground covers and their uses. Presents best ground covers for various landscape problems. Pros and Cons of the 5 most popular ground covers are discussed. Planting strategies are included.
0 Herbs:
Spice Up Your
Garden and
Cooking with
Digital A discussion of herbs and the multitude of their uses, including ornamental, culinary, fragrances, dyes, medicinal; where and how they may be grown in the landscape or garden; herbs for beginners; herb cultivation, harvesting and preservation. Detail is provided for culinary and aromatic herbs.
  Low Maintenance Gardening Discussion  
0 Lovable Lavender Digital Lavender is one of the most popular garden herbs around.  It is a fragrant,  versatile and easy to grow plant, with uses in all types of gardens.  Learn more about the different Lavender varieties, the history of lavender, how to create the best growing environment, how to use in cooking and in crafts and more.
0 Master
Digital An overview of the Master Gardener Program, including training and activities.
  Native Plants Digital
0 North American
Digital What are native North American perennials? Why plant them? Where to plant them? Where to buy them? For shade or sun? These questions are answered with many colorful pictures.
  Oh! Deer!
What Can I Do?
0 Orchids: Can I
Grow Orchids in
My Home?
Digital This presentation attempts to dispel many of the myths about the difficulty ofgrowing orchids, covers the 5 easiest types a beginner should try, and provides other general information about orchid cultivation.
0 Ornamental
Digital How and why to use ornamental grasses in the landscape. Discussion of different species of ornamental grasses.
0 Ornamental
Digital Vines can be unpredictable and adventuresome. But are adaptable, hardy, lovely to look at, intoxicating to breathe in and can have four season interest in the garden.
The Power of Pollinators The Power of
Digital The vital role of pollinators for our plant life, food supply and economy is illustrated, with an overview of several types of pollinators and measures that may be taken to support the health and numbers of pollinators. This presentation is composed of three modules. "The Power of Pollinators" was created by a partnership between The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, The University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems, and The Ohio State University Bee Lab and Pollinatarium.
0 Putting Your Garden
to Bed
Digital As fall winds down and winter approaches, gardeners need to address some basic maintenance that will make their work in the spring much easier.  This presentation explains the basic chores for preparing for winter.  Topics covered will include lawns, roses, evergreens and shrubs, flower beds, vegetable gardens, containers and tools.
Digital A presentation on gardening in different amounts of shade: partial or intermittent shade, medium shade and deep or dense shade. Site and soil conditions must be identifed for matching the desired site to appropriate plant options. Selections of shrubs, perennials, bulbs, ground covers and annuals are shown.
  Terrarium -
Hands On
Digital This can be a demonstration or a hands-on presentation with audience members bringing small containers and the presenter supplying suitable materials for each person to produce his or her own finished terrarium. If the later is to be the case, a fee will be required in advance for the materials. Construction and care of terrariums will be covered. Location must be provided with suitable work tables.
0 Tomatoes
0 Tools and How to Use Them Safely Discussion  
0 10 Essentials of Vegetable Gardening Talk, handout The talk is designed to get everyone to grow some of their own food by outlining 10 simple things they can do to have their own vegetable garden -- doesn't involve tilling, or major effort, time or money. 
  Toxic Plants Digital  
0 Vegetable
Digital How to start a vegetable garden from scratch. While aimed at helping the begginer, there are lots of tips for the more experienced gardener. Container gardening is touched upon. East-to-grow variety recommendations are included.

Handouts, Discussion

0 Waking the
Garden in
Digital A month-by-month discussion of garden chores that need to be done from March through June. The progam includes clean-up, fertilization, pruning and planting of lawns, flower beds, trees, roses and vegetables. A very practical approach for home owners.
0 Weeds


What are weeds. Where did they come from? This program looks at lawn weeds, garden weeds, noxious/invasive weeds and weed trees, including annual and perennial broadleaves, and annual (crabgrass...) and perennial (tall fescue, quackgrass...) grasses. Weed identification and both chemical and mechanical controls are covered.
  When and How Do
I Harvest
  Wildlife Habitats Digital  




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